The Co-creation Conference
about Jams, Hacks and
November 16-17,2020
Coming to your timezone
Remotely from
Nürnberg, Germany

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What is CMPRSSD?

Hacks, Jams, Sprints… accelerated working formats are growing in popularity. Impactful, engaging and easy to schedule, it’s no surprise that organisations are looking to these “pressure cooker” events to crack problems and accelerate solutions in fields as diverse as design, software development, community building and even book authoring.

But how do they work – online and offline –  and how might they work better? How might we manage outputs and outcomes? What exactly can hacks, jams and sprints do? And – crucially – when should we stick to traditional, slower working practices?

CMPRSSD*, the first conference of this type, will bring together various communities and practitioners who are using hacks, jams and sprints. A remote prototype in 2020 will lead into a larger event in 2021.

Together, we will explore what we are doing, and what we might be doing next.

CMPRSSD will take place remotely
in a timezone near you
on the 16 & 17 November 2020,

as part of Nürnberg's prestigious Digital Festival.

Tickets are free but limited. Apply now.

* CMPRSSD is pronounced like "compressed", just faster.


‍Each CMPRSSD day offers a short session held twice (with slight variations) for different time-zones.
DAY 01


Arrive, connect and enjoy snappy pre-notes and short talks. Experts and community members share their experience and insights around jams, hacks, and sprints.

Prenotes Asia/Africa/Europe
(total 2 hours)

Starting Sydney 7 pm  // Mumbai 1:30 pm  // Berlin 9 am  // Rio 5 am // L.A. midnight

Prenotes Americas/Africa/Europe
(total 2 hours)

Starting Sydney 4 am (Tuesday) // Mumbai 10:30 pm  // Berlin 6pm  // Rio 2 pm  // L.A. 9 am

DAY 02


Kick-off collaboration in longer open space sessions with our pre-note speakers and the global community. Reflect with others on building better jams, hacks, and sprints.

Breakouts Asia/Africa/Europe
(total 4 hours)

Starting Sydney 7 pm  // Mumbai 1:30 pm  // Berlin 9 am  // Rio 5 am // L.A. midnight

Breakouts Americas/Africa/Europe
(total 4 hours)

Sydney 4 am (Tuesday) // Mumbai 10:30 pm  // Berlin 6pm  // Rio 2 pm  // L.A. 9 am

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Tickets are free, but limited – and available by application only. If you would like to apply, please go to this link and tell us a little about yourself and what you would bring to the conference. Perhaps you have  a unique perspective or experience, or could offer a breakout session or short talk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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CMPRSSD conference is initiated by Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence of WorkPlayExperience & Ingo Di Bella and Florian Bailey of Nürnberg Digital Festival. It is created together with a diverse group of people from various Jam, Hacks and Sprint communities and related fields. Leave your contacts and we will keep you updated.


Our first confirmed cocreators
more announced soon
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Sarah Drummond
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Christian Beil, BASF
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Markus Edgar Hormess, Global Jams
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Adam Lawrence, Global Jams